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Persistence Software, Inc., recently released the latest version of its EJB server, PowerTier 6. It's a little different from your run-of-the-mill EJB servers, though. This JavaOne 2000 special-edition issue of EJB Home will enlighten you about PowerPage, a hot feature that will put PowerTier 6 on every EJB evaluator's radar! Let's first understand why PowerTier 6 and PowerPage are such key ingredients in any large-scale, e-commerce solution today. The E-Commerce Dilemma My company has worked with numerous dot-coms this year, and most have puzzled over the same dilemma: How do we deliver a scalable, Web-enabled application, using standards-based technologies, in "Internet time"? Four key items need to be addressed in what I call the e-commerce dilemma: Scalability Web enabling Standards-based technologies Internet time (time-to-market) Tackling an e-commerce applicat... (more)

What do MTS and EJB Have in Common?

As much as I hate to admit it, Microsoft was a pioneer in server-side component architectures. Its COM/DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) server-side component model for building and deploying components in the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) environment already had applications in production by the time the Enterprise JavaBeans specification was publicly released in March 1998. MTS's approach toward declarative, container-managed components is reflected in the specification's notions of EJB servers and containers, and declarative, transactional properties of enterpris... (more)

UniqueID Generator: A Pattern for Primary Key Generation

Several patterns exist for generating primary keys for your EJB application. This month I'll provide a pattern for generating PKs that's scalable, generic, and portable. My format for defining the pattern will follow the catalogued layout presented in the Gang of Four book, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. Pattern: UniqueID Generator Intent: Generate unique IDs for persistent objects in an EJB application Also Known As: PID (Persistent ID) Factory GUID (Globally UniqueID) Manager Motivation Enterprise JavaBeans is a server-side component model that t... (more)

Securing Your Company Data with EJBs

Often we think of security as a burden, a time-consuming process that requires us to jump through hoops just to get through a doorway or view a Web page on the company intranet. My first real appreciation for (or frustration with) security came a number of years ago. I was a PowerBuilder consultant in Minneapolis, helping the Federal Reserve Bank build its first-ever client/server application. Each day it was a hassle just to get past the security desk in the lobby, and the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York that year did nothing to ease the pain. My next interesting ... (more)

Looking Back to See the Future

I recently upgraded a small WebLogic 6.1 application to WebLogic 7.0. The process was really quite simple. I attribute this smooth transition to the application's standard use of J2EE components and to WLS 7.0's backwards compatibility! I really only had to do a few configuration changes to get it working. In particular, the JMS store and JMS paging store are no longer allowed to have the same JDBC persistent storage prefix. They want their own tables in WLS 7.0. Next, there was a minor, new element identifying the version of the configuration, ConfigurationVersion="". My ... (more)